Eighth Legion

From hell's heart I stab my peg-leg at thee
Session 2

Somehow melded into the structure of the ship itself the Captain slowly began to come to life, or wake up, or something. The previously smashed brains had, apparently, been those of his children and upon being smashed his progeny were dead. Again.

Battle ensued. The living nearly died, one nearly drowned somehow, and the dead became deader. Then the boat ran ashore.

A number of passengers were killed during the impact, but most survived. Thanks to the Captain’s maps it was decided the boat had made landing a few days south of Lindstrom. Camp was made, Bodvar of the Majestic Mustachios proved himself to be a helpful man and a fairly good cook.

In the morning the passengers of the strange ship parted ways, two deciding to go west with Bodvar and his comfortable, magical tent while the rest of us would head north along the coast.

We encountered a group of fish-folk and engaged them in an intense, albeit brief staring contest. I think we won.

Finally reaching our first stopping point, some small town I can’t recall the name of at the moment, we learned that all nautical travel to Cordelia (our next stop on the way to Lindstrom) had been stopped. No new shipments of goods had been coming from the north, so the town sent a small party to investigate.

Having nothing else to do for it at the time myself and my travelling companions purchased rooms at a local inn and tavern. The drink of everyone’s choice was a substance referred to as jungle juice, a delicious and hard hitting liquor. Some in the party considered the fervor with which the locals took to this drink suspicious, but upon testing those would seem to be unfounded.

In the morning news began to circulate that the men sent north to Cordelia had still not returned and were now over due.

What could be the cause?

Something fishy this way comes
Session 1

The passenger ship chartered to Lindstrom quite suddenly changed heading some time after departure. This obviously caused alarm among passengers, who had their concerns largely brushed aside by the crew.

Making no headway with the sailors it was discovered the Captain’s quarters were locked which led to the captain’s daughter, the cook, to be questioned. The only information forthcoming was that the Captain was simply ill and all would be set right soon.

Returning to the top deck the first mate and several crew members were being harried by passengers. Becoming angered when one such passenger laid a hand on his shoulder the first mate cast him overboard. After a few moments of panic the poor man was successfully rescued. This, however, caused a small riot during which the first mate and his shipmates exploded into foul sea goop when struck. At this point everyone finally noticed that there was no wheel installed on this ship. How strange and alarming.

Cook was set upon with even harder questions again. Her response was to begin channeling some sorcery that caused any nearby sea-goop-zombie shiphands to attack those accosting her.

Once Cook had been vanquished the Captain’s quarters were finally breached by lighting the tobacco in the crest pipes upon his door. Inside the room were several cages containing unknown creatures, treasure, and a desk covered in maps.

A trap door was discovered behind the desk, but upon opening it the Captain’s sons appeared to deal with those responsible. They were dealt with instead though.

The trapdoor turned out to be a staircase leading down to the bilge with the air full of thick, purple mist. Reaching the bow within the lower levels of the ship revealed a clutch of luminescent, gelatinous, disgusting eggs. When smashed human-like brains, coated in gag inducing ichor came tumbling out out of them.

This greatly angered the captain.

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